A Long Walk - Water Shortage in Morocco

by Andy
(Cork, Ireland)

A Dry Riverbed - Spring in Ait Attab

A Dry Riverbed - Spring in Ait Attab

We are a new non-profit working to bring internet access to remote places. We have a project in Ait Attab, Morocco, where villagers have to walk up to 10km (each way!) to get water which is often not even clean. We've been looking for alternatives.

We're setting up a permaculture project in association with the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia which will solve the problem in the long term, but we need something to alleviate the conditions in the meantime. The water from air systems look promising and we need someone who knows about such things to help us make the right choices, and possibly to find help with the funding as well.

The people are poor but resourceful, all they need is a little help to get started.


Whisson windmill

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