EZ Battery Reconditioning - Save Money Or Build Your Own Green Business

Saving money through battery reconditioning is attractive because of the high cost of batteries and their limited life. In a throw-away society the environmental costs of discarding them and manufacturing new replacements is high too.

Then there's the inconvenience of sudden-death of your car battery!

But, DIY battery reconditioning is not a 'new' gimmick. Some people have done this for a long time. Most of the rest of us however, do not know how.

It seems there's plenty of business out there helping people save good money!

Too good to be true? Here's what we learned:

Most people do not know that is is very possible to revive virtually any battery. From a car battery to reconditioning of NiCd and NiMH batteries or lithium-ion batteries. And, with a bit of knowledge and some simple tools you too really can do battery reconditioning yourself. Reuse your "dead" battery without hurting your wallet.

A financial drain is plugged and it's good for environmental health.

Is reconditioning a battery the same as recharging them?

No it isn't.

Reconditioning a battery means you restore it to its full original capacity – or 'health'. When recharging a battery you give it a charge for a certain period of time. And you know that any battery will only allow a certain number of recharges before it 'dies.' The battery becomes less effective with every recharge and you get less charge lifetime out of them each time.

Different ways of reconditioning batteries

EZ Battery Reconditioning Easy - how to recondition batteries

Depending on the battery you are reconditioning there are different ways of going about this.

They range from reconditioning your car battery with some everyday tools to putting your small batteries in the freezer overnight before recharging them. But... there's a trick to making this work too.

You might be surprised to know that even the newest car batteries, including NIMH batteries, used for electric cars, can be reconditioned. This can save you A LOT of money.

Battery reconditioning requires you take care

The nature of batteries means that you are dealing with acids in reviving them. Before you attempt anything invasive you must learn about the cautions that apply to each type of battery, how battery reconditioning actually works, step-by-step, and how to handle them safely.

Generate a steady income in this green business

Now, among green business ideas battery reconditioning does not perhaps sound like a glorious occupation. But it is actually one of those business activities that allows some people to quietly make a substantial income. Some of the guides that we recommend tell you how to go about doing this. It's surprisingly simple.

Just like becoming an energy auditor, this is one of those green business ideas that represents a real way to help people and the environment.

Who would not rather spend half the price of a new battery on reconditioned one. But one which is just as good? It seems an easy local sell, with ongoing clientele.

Proven methods - how to recondition batteries

The techniques that are discussed in the reconditioning guides we recommend are based on proven methods. Some that have been known for ages but few people bothered to tell others about.

Now that our lifestyles have to be more environmentally, and financially, cost conscious, it is a good time for this knowledge to be known more widely.

Don't you think?

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