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Grant For Heat And A/C Solar System In My Home. I am100% disabled.

by Donald K Houston
(Strasburg Va)

Where or how do I find a grant for solar heat and A/C for my home. I'm 100% disabled. Or grant for complete system. I live alone on $1234.00 a month. My electric bills are at least $150.00 per month. I have a small house 25'x35'


Hi Donald,

From my own experience I know what extra costs of living disability can bring. So you're wise to look at renewable energy for your home, even if just for that reason.

I guess you might qualify for some assistance based on low income, disability related body temperature impairment and/or any renewable energy incentive.

The Virginia Department of Social Services has an "Energy Assistance" scheme.

Cannot find any grant scheme for purpose of getting you the solar heating and cooling you need. But that's not to say there aren't any! Yet!

Here are some suggestions: Perhaps try to talk with the Virginia Department of Social Services (here's a list of their local offices), or to the Strasburg local government (social worker?). Got a local or regional disability advocacy organisation you could ask?

Here are the contact details for your State Energy Office who may have a solution for you.

Hope you find what you need Donald. Please come back and share your findings here with others.



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