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Grant money for new solar device

by Nate
(Austin, TX, U.S.)

We are in the process of possibly starting a company developing and selling a new solar device. I am trying to find out what grants are available for a company like this. Everything I am finding on the internet seems to relate to getting grants for using solar devices not for production and sales. Do you have any advice?
Yes Nate, you are in a boat full of people that seek funds for renewable energy development projects and alas we are not aware of support funds.

You may like to contact the US Treasury Department here directly to talk about this and perhaps find out more than we do.

You may like to try the Australian Investment Network here. Despite the name it claims to have a global reach. We cannot recommend them as we had no reports from anyone using them, but unlike other business angel network registration is free until you find a suitable entrepreneur/investor relationship. As always, go in with your eyes open.

Please let us know how you go.


AlternateEnergySources.com Team

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