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Green jobs are booming. In the USA, and elsewhere.

The environmental/economic pincer movement on Mother Earth and your wallet has prodded governments to spend billions to stimulate economies, including through green collar jobs in energy saving and renewable energy.

Training for a green career has never been more exciting. So many ways to go...

Earn an accredited Online MBA, Diploma or Certificate in Sustainable Management through the Anaheim University Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute. Print this text out along with this 6-digit code and have your $100 Application fee waived!: 991156

President Obama's stimulus package aims to double the USA's supply of renewable energy in three years. To do so, some 3.5 million jobs are to be created over the next two years, many of these, eco jobs. This means many thousands need to be trained in environmental fields. Green jobs training programs are receiving $500 million from the stimulus.

Choose well! How to make sense of the green career avalanche?

I personally used MAPP to understand my strengths, weaknesses and compatibilities with careers that would suit me. You can take the free MAPP Assessment here yourself

What areas will these jobs be in??

Two Opportunities
  1. Mike Denby is now offering a guide to green jobs – why exactly they represent a great opportunity.

  2. The other opportunity is that he is letting selected people and companies sell his online courses. You may want to take a look at the benefits here.

They will be in wide-ranging fields. Here's some:

  • Production of cleaner drinking water
  • Home and commercial energy audits
  • Purer air
  • Environmentally friendly urban and rural re-development
  • reducing greenhouse gases
  • wind, solar, geothermal and other renewable energy
  • the plug-in hybrid car industry
  • green home building and weatherization

This is the forum where you can get direct answers. Michael Denby, home energy audit expert, and other green energy experts will answer them

Grab this opportunity now while these experts still have the time to do this.

You can see that they are not all necessarily "new" jobs. Plumbers and electricians who can fit solar systems. Car mechanics who learn to service green cars... All included.

Even gardening! Here is someone who can teach you online to make a solid income from building gardens for others, complete with promotional and marketing materials. Gardens from which people can eat.

What are "green jobs"?

Green collar work can be defined as:

Being the employment and entrepreneurial opportunities involved in the green economy, including the four industry sectors of green products, renewable energy, green services and environmental conservation. Green jobs policies, strategies andinvestments need to lead to high quality jobs with good wages and benefits,meeting current wage and labor laws. (adapted from Green Jobs Task Force’s Definition of Green Jobs, Minnesota, 20th January, 2009.

Generally, eco workers implement environmentally conscious design, policy, and technology to improve sustainable ways of living. As regulations in this area of the economy develop there is a rising call for trained professionals in renewable energy, conservation and research.

A few examples only of such jobs are:

  • environmental consultants
  • environmental or biological systems engineers
  • green building architects
  • renewable energy engineers
  • green vehicle manufacturers
  • organic growers
  • electricians in renewable energy
  • eco lawyers
  • plumbers installing renewable energy
  • educational personnel in environmental studies
  • building weatherization workers
  • green mechanics
  • alternative health professionals
  • drinking water technicians

Where are these green jobs? Do I have to travel?

There will be local environmental jobs as there will be in far-off places. The USA, UK, Europe, Australia, India, China, Russia, you name it. The pressures are the same everywhere. Growing energy demand, climate change pressures and tanking economies being primed with Billions of government dollars.

Choose your green career. Choose your location. Qualified greenies never looked at a brighter career future than now.


No good creating jobs without training and qualifications. This company has jumped into this green work opportunity...

Boots on the Roof is Unitek's division dedicated specifically to training the next generation of Solar Energy Entrepreneurs, Contractors, and Business People.

Ideal for:

  • Licensed Contractors (Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Roofing, and General Contractors) who wish to reposition their businesses to bring Solar Power to their communities.
  • Fast growing solar companies that wish to bring newly hired professionals up to speed on solar: sales professionals, project managers and designers.

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