The Great Green Movies Guide

Green movies. This is a growing database of movies on global warming, climate change, energy use and more. It also includes some of the best science fiction movies and other films with an angle on our changing world. A growing number of new movies. Some going back as far as 1927.

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The Great Green Movies Guide - Movies about global warming, climate change, technology, energy...

I've spent many hours scouring for these titles and their sources to put them all together in this one place.

Most title links show you where you can buy them. Some don't. You can also download them if you don't want your own physical copy.

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Why Green Movies?

Many of these movies are great educational tools and make great gifts at any time.

Kids movies are indicated by ** displayed next to their titles. That's not to say that other listed movies are not for kids of course. For examp,le, take The Life Of Birds, or Attenborough's 'Planet'.

Global warming is the biggest world-wide threat in anyone's experience. Because it's not part of the historical experience of humanity, it remains so hard to get meaningful action on climate change. Film art can shock us into action through dystopian visions, by exposing values and practices, and through offering alternative visions to which we may aspire.

Some people do 'green movie nights', where a group of people put one one or more green movies as a fund raiser, set up a discussion, or just use it as a basis for a 'Green Party !' Hey, why not fiddle why Rome burns?

This Great Green Movies Guide is also yours because you can add your suggestions for what green movies should be on this list. You can do that here.

Which "Green Movies" Are Green - And "Great"?

Great Question. For many it is obvious, for others I've thought there was some angle in the movie on trends or social values that reflect on our changing world.

Take "The Day After Tomorrow" or the educational 'classic' "An Inconvenient Truth." Obvious. To Me.

Or older movies, like "Logan's Run", "Blade Runner", "The Man Who Fell To Earth" or "Soylent Green." Then there are "spiritual movies", giving us glimpses of our deepest inner nature, and lifting veils on endless possibilities. All are obvious candidates for the title "green movies". But that's just my view. What's yours?

It's OK To Have A Laugh Too.

And, heck why be serious all the time. There are some great movies that make us laugh at ourselves, our greed, our fears, our vulnerability. Some examples are "Being There" and "Forrest Gump." I know, they're not really global warming movies but they put a smile on your face and make you "think" about what is important in life, don't they.

Without a laugh a sustainable world is impossible. The global warming pickle IS serious but we should avoid talking ourselves into a hole. That's why I think a bit of escapism - of the greenest kind of course - is a good thing.

Here is Leonardo Di Capricio's film The 11th Hour trailer...

Help Build The Great Green Movies Guide

This is just my personal take on green movies. Undoubtedly there are more. Why not tell me here about your "Great Green Movie" nomination and why it should make the list?

There are some great free online movies too that you could classify into the "green movies" category as well as DVD's.

There are some great older green movies. Sometimes hard to find movies. Take "Mon Oncle" by Jacques Tati, where Mr Hulot explores the high-tech world of his surban family – in 1958. Hilarious, I think. Full of the gadgetry of 21st century life.

Or take "The Mysterious Island", after the book by Jules Vernes, which predicts the advent of "water fuel", now powering the hydrogen gas generator-driven car!

Keep an eye out for upcoming science fiction movies too in adding green movies candidates to my list.

So here is the Great Green Movies Guide. Enjoy.

The Great Green Movies Database

Info/Docu-DramaSF/Alt WorldsAll Sorts
An Inconvenient Truth (2006)(1976)Mon Oncle [DVD](1958)
Logan's Run [DVD](1976)(2006)
Out Of Balance [DVD](2007) Soylent Green [DVD](1973)(2007)
Transforming Energy [DVD](2006) The Day After Tomorrow [DVD](2004) (2004)
Moyers On America: Is God Green? [DVD](2006)(1956)Fantastic Voyage [DVD](1966)
(2006)Waterworld [DVD](1995)(2006)
The 11th Hour [DVD](2007) DVD(2005)A.I.: Artificial Intelligence [DVD](2001)
(2007)Blade Runner [DVD](1982)(1998)
Becoming Green: Growing Environmental Awareness [DVD](2008) Fahrenheit 451 [DVD](1967)
(2008)Colossus: The Forbin Project [DVD](1970)(1984)
Earth On Edge [DVD](2001) (1997)The Life Of Birds [DVD](1998)
(2004)The Island Of Dr. Moreau [DVD](1996) (2006)
A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash [DVD](2006)(1997) Planet Earth, Vol. 2 [DVD](2006)
(2007)Code 46 [DVD](2003)Dr Strangelove (1964)
(2007)Things To Come [DVD](1937)(2006)
Everything's Cool [DVD](2007)(1997)Being There [DVD](1979)
The Great Warming (2002)Being Caribou [DVD](2005)
(2007)Movie Party Pack: Sci-Fi Favorites [DVD] DVDThe Future of Food
Manufactured Landscapes [DVD](2006)(1973)The Real Dirt on Farmer John (2005)
The Next Industrial Revolution(1996)Blue Vinyl: The World’s First Toxicity Comedy
(2004)Metropolis (1927)[DVD]Supersize Me
(2001)Short Circuit 2 [DVD](1988)The GMO Trilogy
The Great Global Warming Swindle (2002)The Truman Show [DVD](1998)
In Hot Water (1987)WhaleDreamers [DVD](2006)
Baked Alaska(1968)The Jacques Cousteau Odyssey - The Complete Series (2005)
A Delicate Balance 2008(2006)Jean Michel Cousteau's Ocean Adventures (2006)
Cooperating for Clean Air(2002)The Air We Breathe
The Harriman Alaska Expedition Retraced(1971) Secrets Of The Millennium: Man vs. Nature: Who Will Win? [DVD](1999)
Once and Future Planet. your suggestion(2002)
your suggestion(1994)
Save Our Land, Save Our Townsyour suggestion(2000)
Silent Sentinels(1979)King Corn
Subdivide and Conquer(1983)China Blue
Turning Down The Heat: The New Energy Revolutionyour suggestion(1998)
Observations on Climate Change(1995)Gorillas In The Mist [DVD](1988)
We Are All Smith Islandersyour suggestion(1974)
Taken For a Rideyour suggestion(1997)
Great Tropical Forest Conservation Filmsyour suggestion(1994)
your suggestion(1999)
God's and Global Creation Warmingyour suggestion(1985)
your suggestionyour suggestionOver The Hedge [DVD]**(2006)
Emission Impossibleyour suggestion
Arctic Warningyour suggestion(1941
Kilowatt Oursyour suggestion(1990)
Sunshine State [DVD](2002)your suggestion(2000)
Born Free [DVD](1966)your suggestionThe War On Democracy
(1972)your suggestionThe American Ruling Class
(1992)Crisis As Opportunity (2007)** Peaceful Warrior (2006)
(2003)your suggestionWe Feed The World
Toxic Trespass (2007) [DVD] 2006
Syriana [DVD](2005)
your suggestionyour suggestionyour suggestion
your suggestionyour suggestion[DVD](2007)

Did you answer "YES"? Then why not nominate your great green movie title here and get it on this guide?

Earth Cinema Circle. Great Green Movies you cannot find anywhere else. Inspiring, educative, uplifting.

Cinema Circles

Besides the great Green Movies Guide there are a couple of unique green movies Cinema Circles I'd like to draw your attention to. These two are part of the Institute Of Noetic Sciences (IONS). You won't find these movies anywhere else. Some wonderful movies though that have received awards and great reviews at film festivals all over the world but are not (yet!) mainstream. AES is very happy to include them here on the Great Green Movies Guide.

Spiritual Cinema Circle is a DVD Club. Are you inspired by Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth? Then you’ll love the enlightening and inspiring entertainment from Spiritual Cinema Circle. Join today and receive your first DVD FREE (just pay S&H).

Spiritual Cinema Circle

Still Cannot Find What You Are Looking For?

OK. There are at least four things you can do...


Search movie titles on my site here ...

Search for it on For example, at the time of writing "Crisis As Opportunity: Living Better on a Hotter Planet (2007), by Elisabet Sahtouris seems to be available here only. Did you know that you can instantly view and/or download many movies on Amazon? Look for that option in the movie's description page.


Ask below.

Somebody might help you locate it...

What's Your Greatest Green Movie?

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It's a great film that teaches and empowers kids on climate change!

Simon Says "Let's Stop Climate Change!" Not rated yet
It's a great film that teaches and empowers kids on climate change!


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It shows how values are different in cultures (diamonds, for instance). Fantasy and reality are one, as life is in Asia. Beautiful locations.

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This movie just came out a few months ago... it is about the end of the world according to the Mayas and how natural disasters hit our planet.

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The Corporation Not rated yet
Great resource guide!!! Haven't seen so many green movies together before and never knew so many existed. Thanks.

I suggest "The Corporation" (2004). …

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Soylent Green - Still A Movie For Our Times

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