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How can we obtain a Grant for our Solar Installation in Spain & perhaps more importantly, what obligations does the Spanish Government have, given that we live in an area WITHOUT mains electricity?

by Philip Withers
(Pliego, Murcia, Spain)

We have had a comprehensive Solar Electricity system installed at our home, here in the countryside, close to Pliego, Murcia. The need arose because we were led to believe that Mains Electricity would be connected to "our" home within TWO WEEKS of purchase, however, that was some THREE YEARS ago & we are still no nearer to achieving that original goal!
We therefore decided to go down the solar route & after first obtaining various quotations & proposals, we decided on an installation by Solar Sky Spain SL.
We are impressed with the installation, its capabilities & the company too, who have done everything that THEY said that they would, or that we have asked of them, unusual in this day & age & even more so here in Spain, no offence intended!
The only downside is in respect of Grant Aid, which appears to be very difficult to source & obtain. It would seem that large developers/consumers & hence big spenders get priority treatment! Having said that "our" installation was hardly cheap at a cost of some Euros25000-00!!!!!!!!!! That does not include the cost of "our" 3 phase Generator at an additional Euros4000.00!
We are currently contemplating a further upgrade so as to reduce Generator use, so as to further reduce both diesel (carbon fuel) use & subsequent emissions, not to mention rapidly & substantially increasing fuel costs!
Can you please advise as to the best way to obtain grant aid, how much we can expect to receive, how long this may take & perhaps most importantly, who is responsible for providing the grant & if they are being tardy/coy, how we go about encouraging/ kicking them?
We look forward to hearing from you soon,
With regards,
Yours sincerely,
Jennifer O'Neill & Philip Withers
Please let us know how you go.

Disclaimer: this information is correct at date of publishing. No responsibility is taken for changes that may occur after the publication date.


AlternateEnergySources.com Team

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