Alternative Energy Sources

alternate energy sources-a bright idea!
Finding and using alternate energy sources is of vital importance to your future, and mine. Some say that the human race may have about fifty years in which to get "it" right—or just to survive... Or within fifteen some reports say. Or ten?

Or collapse!

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  • And the soaring cost of petrol and gas prices is biting!

    Reducing the energy you and I use daily is one practical, and significant thing almost anyone can do. A first line of defense is simply to compare gas and electricity prices and choose the cheapest supplier!

    Even more important it is to develop acceptance of having to live within limits and develop habits accordingly.

    For example, making your existing home more energy-efficient, or to build a new one, can make a big difference in your bills and emissions.

    This website informs you about many alternate energy sources and how you can use this knowledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save you money.

    It tells you about those choices that you can make today to make a difference. Even if it's watching Green Movies...

    For today, and for the future.

    For your children, and theirs.

    We live on a beautiful planet. But… it is also a planet that’s full of many unpredictabilities and limits. Of course you and I are very vulnerable just because life is like that.

    What Alternate Energy is all about
    1. The effects of global warming are putting us to the test. I tell you how.

    2. You want to know about all kinds of renewable energy. I tell you all about them.

    3. You want to know how you may save energy. I show you what you can do.

    4. What are governments doing? I discuss that.

    5. What can you do in your home, about transport, your work? I give you resources.

    It sure is a "character-building" place, this home of ours, don’t you agree?

    As if that is not enough we are now at a point where the effects of human behavior and thought over the last 500 years or so are catching up with us.

    The daily reports that you are reading, of all kinds of ill-effects of global warming and pollution, are part of that picture on an unprecedented and growing scale.

    An overwhelming thought, right?

    Sorry… what did you say? Ah, you agree? Yes…

    You and I are in dire straits indeed.

    The planet’s environmental problems are so great that we can even speak of a disabled world. Just consider these alone:

    • Global warming
    • Melting ice sheets and glaciers
    • Floods and droughts
    • Great hurricanes and cyclones
    • Species extinction
    • New and resurgent diseases

    All these, and more, are problems for our immediate future. Yours, mine, our children’s, and theirs.

    We could say that we now collectively find ourselves with our backs pressed up firmly against a wall—one at least in part of our own making.


    Erik Leipoldt

    Hello there!

    Welcome! Fancy meeting you under such circumstances! Wish it could have been more relaxed and comfortable, but nice meeting you anyway.

    I am Dr Erik Leipoldt. I have a PhD in philosophy but you’ll find no "mere philosophy" here.

    I have long been greatly concerned about the sustainability of our world and of course I am not alone.

    Also, I have known for a long time, first-hand, what it is like to feel the wall pressing against my back, and how to live well with great limitations and vulnerabilities.

    I am hardly ever comfortable in my wheelchair.

    I have lived with quadriplegia for almost thirty years and have had to make the best out of a bad situation… And I have.

    You are here because you think it is obvious that global warming is real and so are its problems. You are concerned that life will be much less comfortable.

    You want to know what you can do about that. Or… you don’t know but you want to know more.

    You’ve come to the right place.

    My website about alternate energy sources takes a practical approach.

    Here I inform you about the nature of issues we face, and about latest technological answers and services. All about alternate energy sources.

    I also use my personal experience and that of countless other people who have made successful, flourishing lives in the face of great challenges and limits on opap online.

    Limits, dependence and vulnerability. All inescapable realities of life for anyone!

    Without being arrogant, there’s gold in them 'thar' experiences! Practical wisdom towards sustainable living. A valuable alternate energy source!

    Gold for free! The alchemists’ dream!

    I’ll give you some of the answers to a more energy-efficient life. A consciously interdependent life. Of course, having said that, I did not say I’d offer immediate "solutions". Of course, no-one can. If they do, don’t believe them.

    No-one can wind the clock back and the effects of global warming will be with us for a long time no matter what technology we may invent and use.

    It is a matter of learning prague escourt to live with that reality smartly.

    And with "smart", I mean using head and heart as the ultimate alternate energy sources.

    So, you get the idea? My website is not just about how to survive.

    Alternate Energy is about how to make the best out of a globally tricky situation.

    It’s about surviving AND thriving!

    You can just start where you are!

    Want to know about how to build an energy-efficient home or adapt the one you live in?

    About energy-efficient transport?

    Or about wind power, solar energy, or about causes of global warming?

    I’ll tell you about them. And more…

    Our current problems, and the way we shape responses to them, are connected to how we think about our environment and how we use its resources.

    You and I need to make wise choices for a sustainable world.

    Choices that do not cost the earth. Choices about our behaviour. And choices that you are making anyway.

    Alternate energy sources! Check them out on my site.

    Do what you can do and feel better now for doing something for a better future.

    You’re with me? See you on the next page.

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