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looking for grant for LEED certification

by Steve Greeno
(Elkin NC)

I'm rehabilitating a 119 yr old building and want a LEED cert. planning 1500-5000 watt grid tied solar. Solar hot water and solar lighting as permits. Mixed use commercial space with residential above. the plan is to power both with solar.
Plan to install convection chimney cooling as well.
Thanks for any assistance
Hi Steve. Not quite sure what your question is but I got an answer for you on LEED certification, if it helps, from Mike Denby of Denby Energy, energy auditing.

Here it is:

Here is my perspective on LEED. Written from the perspective of a LEED-AP. LEED is a great program and has a great many values. But before someone commits to doing a LEED project, there is an important decision that needs to take place. If the owner wants to get the LEED certification because of the value in calling their building LEED certified and meeting all the thresholds of a LEED building, that is great. However, if they think they need LEED just to have an energy efficient building, they are misled. Energy is a small part of the total LEED certification, but often times it’s the one part that will have the greatest savings for the client. In fact, you can have the most energy efficient building on the planet and still not meet the threshold for a LEED certification, since LEED is so much more than energy efficiency. Therefore, before someone jumps into wanting a LEED project they need to define their goals.

Mike Denby

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