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Need help for Sustainable Energy Laboratory at Cal Poly (SLO)

by Danny Zepeda
(San Luis Obispo, Ca, US)

I’m a Student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I work for the Electrical Power Institute (EPI) on campus. EPI is established to serve as an interface between the university and the electrical power industry. Many students here and I would like to help in developing alternative energy resources in current global crisis. There has been a surge of enthusiasm among Cal Poly students for studying sustainable energy sources that don’t contribute to global population. The Electrical Engineering department submitted a proposal to Sempra Energy to help establish a Sustainable Energy Laboratory to compliment existing senior and graduate courses offered in these areas. Fortunately Sempra Energy has contributed $66,400 for laboratory equipment. Unfortunately due to budget cut in California Education, Cal Poly does not have sufficient funding to remodel a designated room, purchase tables, purchase work benches, chairs, computers, etc. If any one has ideas how I can help the EE department fund for the Sustainable Energy Laboratory , or any company that would like to contribute. Thank You !!!

Anyone out there that can help these students help others?

Great opportunities for a company here I think.

No contact address though, but I'm sure that if anyone contacted Cal Poly San Luis Obispo's Electrical Power Institute (EPI)with an offer of help, they'd be happy to talk to you.

Good for you Danny. To your success!


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