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Ocean Dead Zones?

by Linda
(WA, US)

Dead zones? I looked it up and I am shocked to learn that the planet now has some 150 "dead zones" in its oceans. Many more than it had in 1970.

The UN Environment Program revealed in its Global Environment Outlook Year Book that these zones are up to 45,000 square miles big and largely result from nitrogen run-off, sewage discharge and car and factory emissions.
Ocean life just does not survive in these areas after algae blooms depleted oxygen in the water.

The UN warns that with global warming dead zones will increase further.

Some countries have now agreed to take action, like halving nitrogen discharge in the North sea; planting forests; reducing nitrogen emissions; accelerate alternative energy development; and improved sewerage treatment.

The effects of global warming seem so overwhelming at times. Are we doing enough?

You can read the Un Report here: www.unep.org/geo/yearbook

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