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Off-grid Grants in Maine

by Tim
(Washington County Maine)

I live in a small wood heated home in Maine, we are planning on being solar off grid, although we are now just off grid. We are starting a small no-kill organic farm. We have 11 acres, half of which will remain forested and harvested responsible for firewood for our own use. Any ideas on grant we may be able to get?


Check out the DSIRE and grant finder resources listed on this page. Specifically, some of these grant tips may assist.

There is a Federal Tax credit that will pay for It has now been extended till 2016!

Other ways may be to consider taking out Energy Efficiency Mortgages or using home equity loans to finance your energy systems.

A mortgage loan for the purchase and installation costs of a solar photovoltaic or solar hot water system can take full advantage of federal tax deductions.

There are some energy efficiency mortgages applicable to solar power systems. Ask your broker for information on FHA and/or VA "energy efficient mortgages" and see whether you qualify.

Also, Fannie Mae and the EPA through its ENERGY STAR program offer home loans. Increasingly financial institutions are developing their own products that factor in the environment. Ring around or ask your local solar power installer.

Fannie Mae provides home loans for solar photovoltaic electricity systems and solar water and space heating systems up to $15,000 with a 10-year repayment term.

The US Environmental Protection Agency, through its ENERGY STAR program offers residents home loans for solar photovoltaic and solar heating systems that exceed existing code energy efficiency standards by at least 30 percent.

The US Department of Energy publishes a consumer guide for financing solar energy systems that describes the various resources available to finance residential solar power systems. To obtain a PDF version of the guide go here.


Energy Audit Training – A Green Career, Whether The Economy Is Up Or Down

Download a free preview copy of an effective home made wind generator plan here.

How To Build Your Home With Straw

The Great Green Movies Guide

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