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Renewable Energy Grants - Looking For Honesty, Unity And Help

by John G. Sciolino
(Sloan, N.Y., U.S.A.)

"Yes We Can" quote from President Obama

This is a repost of my blog from myspace. I'm just looking for more info and hope to get people pumped up and excited to go green. i would love to learn how to get grants and or incentives to buy a home and make it green if it's not already. or even make it greener if it's not already 100% renewable energy.

Here's my repost

ok here it is.

My wife and I live mostly pay check to pay check, as i guess every other average American does. we take care of my father -in-law, rent our home, and love being free. we have 2 new great nieces, (9 months and 6 months old) and a new great nephew, ( 1 month old ). It is our goal to make sure that they have the best possible shot at a future. one that is better than we had and one that will see the end of the dependence on fossil fuel and one that is safe and is a 100% renewable energy world.

Thing is, like I said, we live mostly pay check to pay check. I've heard that there are grants and tax breaks for making your home more energy friendly. However I have no clue as to how you go about getting any help like that. This would not only help our pocketbook but the planet. As in "going green" it breaks my heart that we as Americans, the greatest richest country in the world are so dependent on the 3rd world countries for oil. This has to stop and stop now.

No, I'm not just venting. I'm on a mission to not just figure out how to get my own household 100% renewable. but the whole country. And by God if we can do it, so can other countries. And so save the planet. I am begging for help. Again not just for me but for all of mankind. We can do this. every body pull together as one and this could be our greatest moment.

We are the ones that have to be the heroes to the next generation of kids and there kids. And for decades to come. Let the world some day look back and point to us as the ones that save the world. What a story for your grand kids. : 0 )

Come on every one. Lets do this and lets do it now! ! ! !

If anyone has any ideas or knows how the grants work, please get back to me asap. I promise I will share any and all info I get with all of you through my blogs. We all need to get 100% renewable asap.

Together "yes we can". John G. Sciolino

AES refers you to the various databases on this page to which links are shown to renewable energy grants, incentives, tax breaks and so on. Every grant scheme has its guidelines and criteria. All you do is follow them.

Good luck!

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