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Renewable Energy Grants /Stimulus monies for minority businesses in Texas.

by Milford Steele
(Irving, Tx ., USA)

I am very interested in talking with you about the opportunity for commercial & minority businesses to receive grants and stimulus monies to becoming users of solar energy by installing solar panels and generating electricity through renewable energy resources. We are representing a customer in the Oncor & Texas New Mexico Power market here in North Texas currently that is wanting to make a change.

A. Steele Enterprises, LLC, DBA Steele Energy Consultants represents Green Mountain Energy Company a renewable energy provider using wind and water to produce and power electricity through solar mill system resources. We would like to offer consumers and corporations an opportunity to receive a more cost effective electricity & natural gas plans and rates for your facilities in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX., area and other areas of Texas as allowed.

This presentation starts the explanation of the benefits received by using our company as the utility services aggregate for businesses in Texas. We look forward to providing the clean air, renewable energy (electricity) programs/plans for Texas commercial businesses. By using renewable green energy companies may also qualify to receive an annual tax discount offered by the federal government.

We guarantee we can beat some of the major utility services providers current rates, eliminate some of the possible service charges on client monthly energy bills, cutting the cost for energy usage saving you important capital to put back into your corporation.

Our purpose and goal is to be a major contact for all potential businesses, its employees and residential properties if possible within your network. We can help those businesses improve on the quality clean air and electricity for its energy usage, atmosphere and environment at the best rates offered per kWh using renewable green energy resources. We are confident we can lower their energy bill monthly, quarterly and annually.

Our client/s, medium and large commercial customers can choose from a number of product options. In addition we offer a portfolio management strategy know as our "Flex Plan," which allows you to utilize all or part of our offerings in an overall energy management strategy. Plus, all of these options are electricity products that are cleaner than what most businesses in Texas purchase today.

The Green Difference:

Choosing green energy resources as your energy allows you to purchase an electricity product that meets the energy needs and budget requirements of your business — while at the same time making a positive environmental statement by supporting renewable energy. This is important as making electricity in the U.S. causes more carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution each year than all the cars and trucks on the road combined.

When you choose Green Mountain Energy Company not only can you pick from a variety of products to meet your business needs, but all of the energy products include at least 10% of the power from new renewable sources, for all sizes of commercial companies. And that is good for your business, your customers, your employees and your bottom line.

Heat Rate Plan(s)

This product is ideal for customers wanting to link the cost of power to gas.

This plan features a fixed ratio of natural gas to a contracted heat rate for a term and may vary monthly. The natural gas settlement rate is determined by indexing to the NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange) Futures Contract for the corresponding month.

You may “lock down” gas at any time during the contract, thus fixing the energy rate.

Wholesale and Retail Heat Rate Plans available.

Give me a call at (972)746-3036 or e-mail me and we will set up a time to meet to discuss this important matter for businesses and residents in the state of Texas. Our goal is to provide renewable energy for corporations, its employees and all its facilities, affording them to become a part of the solution for this very important economic matter and to save important money on your energy cost for their esteemed businesses.

Best Regards,

Milford Steele,
Operations & Marketing Mgr.

A. Steele Enterprises, LLC

DBA Steele Energy Consultants


Matin Steele,

Sr. Energy Consultant




(Currently representing):

1.)Green Mountain Energy Company

renewable energy services provider

2.)Tiger Natural Gas Corporation

3.)NABCEP PV Installers in the US


Hi Matin,

Thank you for this information.

You may find answers to your question in the at Federal and State levels.

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