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Seeking Funding for Mexico Solar Project(s)

by Dan Gair
(Jalisco Mexico)

We are seeking grant or other funding assistance for ongoing renewables projects in Mexico. "Rancho Sol y Mar" is a private off grid sustainability project on the Pacific Coast of Jalisco, Mexico. Currently we are near completion of North America's first completely off grid solar campground with RV electric and water hookup sites. We have also begun solar water heating and pumping demonstration projects, and are working with the local government to create the first solar powered school in the region.

Please visit www.ranchosolymar.com, and www.campingsolymar.com for more information. We are searching for grant or other funding help in bringing Mexico's most vital yet severely underutilized natural resource, solar, to life!

Thank you for your help!

Dan Gair, Owner

Sun Dog Solar & Rancho Sol y Mar
Mayto Mexico

Dan, What a great project!

According to this report Mexico has a great investment climate for renewable energy.

And the Commision Reguladora de Energia http://www.cre.gob.mx/documento/213.pdf states:

"On December 1st, 2004 a modification of the Income Tax Law (ISR)
was published in the "Diario Oficial de la Federación".

According to the new fraction XII of Article 40, ISR tax payers that
invest in machinery and equipment for power generation based on
renewable sources may deduct up to 100% of the total investment in a
single year."

As well,try the Australian Investment Network here. Despite the name it claims to have a global reach. We cannot recommend them as we had no reports from anyone using them. However, unlike other business angel networks, registration is free until you find a suitable entrepreneur/investor relationship. As always, go in with your eyes open.

AlternateEnergySources.com Team
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