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Solar Energy For The Poor

by Donna Herrin
(Edinburg Texas)

People who can afford energy costs can afford the equipment to go solar. Poor people cannot afford to pay the outrageous rates they are charged, much less the expensive equipment to go solar.

Thank you Donna. You make a very good point.

First of all, this may help: Citizenre is a company that offers free solar panels, installed, where you lock in your present electricity cost for up to the next 25 years at today's rate, or cheaper. Go here
to check that out.

Citizenre do that, banking on the high probability that fossil-fuel based utility costs will rise (steeply. They collect revenue from your excess solar electricity being fed back into the grid.

Check here to see whether your State has the necessary "net metering" laws for you to participate.

Worldwatch has a nice write-up of the scheme here.

Yes, the poor are usually the last to benefit from technologies that save energy while many of them also feel the effects of global warming more than most. That is one reason why ameliorating global warming effects should start with those people who are among the most vulnerable and with those environments that are at greatest risk of degradation. One benefit to everyone would be that once you learn how to deal with the most complex problems, everything else becomes easier after that.

Technology without genuine care will not give us a sustainable world in which to lead good lives.

There are some schemes that focus on the poor in saving energy. There's a UK account of one here. In Australia there are some small government-subsidy backed retrofitting schemes that save energy in existing homes. Much more of this is needed and will play increasingly important parts in future energy saving initiatives i think.

Unfortunately I have not located any such schemes in Texas. Anyone know of any?

There are of course various ways to cut your energy use. A handy calculator to see how much you can save doing what can be found here. Yes, I know it's in British Pounds but the principle remains the same.

You can learn more about saving energy on my site too of course! Including about climate change and poverty and disability and global warming.

Donna, I hope you can benefit from all this. Please post back here so others can learn from your experience.

All the best.


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