16 Solar Energy Grant Tips

Solar energy grant tips can sometimes tip the chances in your favour when searching for a renewable energy grant, applying for one, AND importantly... receiving one.

Why solar energy grants now?

These times are breeding more solar energy grants and renewable energy incentives as we speak. A failed global economy and failing ecosystems mandate stimulus packages that address both. And that is of course exactly what is happening.

Unfortunately there are also signs of some governments withdrawing, or reducing such incentives to lighten the load on their ailing economies. False savings, but it means you have to act when you see a grant that suits you. Cannot wait and hope for better times...

Solar energy grant tips may give you an edge.

Those who will be able to sell back electricity from their solar PV panels, enjoy free solar hot water and have well-insulated homes will feel less of an impact from economic and climate change fall-out.

These solar energy grant tips cover some grant search tools, grant databases and some other ways in which you may save money through reducing your energy use.

16 Solar Energy Grant Tips On Energy Grants & Money-Saving

  • 1) Use the Federal Money Retriever tool This is an outstanding free grant search tool, used by the professionals for researching solar energy grants. Its interface includes searching by keyword, subject categories, eligibility, or federal agencies. It stores your investigative work until you're ready to create your application and print it. It's been on the market since 1994.

  • 2) The Kresge Foundation. A $2.8 Bilion dollar private, national foundation that seeks to influence the quality of life for future generations through its support of nonprofit organizations in six fields of interest: health, the environment, community development, arts and culture, education and human services. In 2008, it awarded 342 grants totaling $181 million.

    DSIRE - a comprehensive and searchable Its easy to use and interactive. You can drill down into individual programs.

  • 3) Prepare your grant with the help of grant-writing software or try FederalGrantSource.org These resources are a competitor for FMR if you find FMR too clunky to use easily. Both are easier to operate and deliver similar information and assistance but you pay a small amount. FederalGrantSource will give you complete access to all of their directories, training modules, and also several audio presentations for a seven day trial at only $4.97.

  • 4) Find anything in government records. This tool is not really a direct solar energy grants-finding tool at all. But if you need certain records, perhaps to get an edge on your grant competitors, this might just be what you're looking for. Includes military records and ability to reverse-search phone numbers. Worth trying? It's up to you. Solar energy grant tips that may work.

  • 5) Grants.Gov is a large government resource where you can find grants and and find information on how to apply for them. Free to use but mandatory registration takes up to 5 business days.

  • 6) Find Energy Tax Incentives For Business here. A very good resource on finding out what tax incentives might apply to your project. A free resource.

  • 7) Going 'back to school' for a green career? It's not only solar energy grants that determine our future sustainability. Click here.

  • 8) Save energy- save money in auctions. Solar grant energy grant tips of perhaps peripheral interest to you at first sight... But at least you cannot say I did not draw your attention to it. You're here to save money through renewable energy grants and get your projects off the ground. Would a hybrid- or electric car not fit well with these purposes? A new green car attracts tax incentives as you saw in Tip #6). But you could also pick up a green car at ridiculously low prices at auctions. For example, we found a Toyota Prius hybrid - sold for under $6,000.

  • 9) Get a clearly written, comprehensive guide on DIY home- or business-based geothermal heating and cooling here. If you're up to it - and it's not an afternoon's job – you can save big with this zero-emission energy source.

  • 10) OK, this is a gem. Now out of print and a little dated but stil immensely practical to DIY solar hot water builders. It's a completely free download of Assoc Professor David A. Bainbridge's book on DIY solar hot water heaters. Solar hot water is a prime energy and money saver! Even if you don't plan to build it will arm you with knowledge if you want to buy a solar hot water system.

  • 11) For a DIY guide on home solar/wind energy click here there are several of these guides floating around. From researching customer feedback this one would seem to be the best one.

  • 12) Still driving on gas? Save big. Learn about DIY electric car conversion here. Not for the sqeamish or those prepared to wait until cheap electric cars roll out of the factories for the price of a packet of butter. Check it out anyway. You may know a great mechanic who could do it for you.

  • 13) Not eligible for any grants? Then check out The Borrower's Guide To Financing Solar Systems: A Federal Overview by the US Department Of Energy.

  • 14) Green Pulse is innovative, easy software to have your PC save energy, and you money.

  • 15) Making your home energy efficient is an obvious way to save money quickly on tyour electricity, gas and water bills. Yes, you do actually have some control over those outgoings.

  • 16) OK, after all that hard work, you want to know how you can relax in your solar-heated pool? And build it yourself for peanuts? Go here. Pardon me for fitting this one under solar energy grant tips, but it saves energy...

Please alert us to any other solar energy grant tips and tools and we may add them to this list. Thank you!

Of course there is much more to know about living with climate change besides solar energy grant tips.

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