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Solar Energy Grant To Get Off Grid

by Tyler Brown
(Alton IL)

I want to create a solar system to be totally independent. It will also be tied into the electrical grid so they can use some of it. My objective is to see how much it will cost and save for solar energy that will handle a whole single family dwelling. You can contact me at (email address removed to protect you against spam).

Thank You,

Tyler Brown

Thanks Tyler,

This is not really a question about solar energy grants, though relevant to the topic. For an estimate of your return on investment of a solar energy system you will need to consider your particular home's design, orientation towards the sun, energy use and so on.

Two easy ways of getting that kind of picture is

A. through contacting the and select the relevant guide further down on that page. You can call them too and the'll gladly help you on your way;
B. Get a a couple of local solar energy installers to give you a quote, involving an assessment of your particular needs.

I hope this helps. Don't forget to check out what grants might be available to you in Alton IL! Drill down from Federal to State, to local, to corporate grants and incentives and share your findings here!

Good luck...



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