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Solar Energy Grant To Sell Back To Electric Companies

by Suabi

We are a select group of environmentally minded investors who came together to execute a plan that will address several concerns we face today. We propose to install and operate solar energy "farms" throughout Florida. Our plans are to install solar voltaic panel arrays on currently undeveloped properties (and rooftops where permitted) and sell the energy produced to the power companies.

We have already contacted local Electric company who has agreed to meet with us. The Director of Energy conservation for schools is interested in this venture.

Please let us know what type of grants are available for this type of venture.

Thank you.



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Try Solar Grant Energy Tip #13 here. It's a Federal guide to borrowing money for renewable business purposes.

Also see the Florida Solar Energy System Incentives Program Solar photovoltaic systems are eligible for a $4/watt rebate, capped at $20,000 for homes and $100,000 for businesses. But hurry, theree is a LONG waiting list!

Further the Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit and the Renewable Energy Technologies Investment Tax Credit may help you.

I recommend you use a grant search tool as given in the Solar Grant Energy Tips to dig up more opportunities.

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