Australian Solar Energy Grants And Incentives - An Overview

Solar energy grants in Australia, as in the USA, Europe and elsewhere, are no longer "just" tools to hold off global warming-induced climate change. Stimulating the use and manufacture of renewable energy is now an important economic stimulus tool too.

So renewable energy incentives are here to stay for quite some time and you should seize every opportunity you can get. These grants represent a golden window of opportunity in hard times.

You can save yourself a lot of money and do good by old Mother Earth!

Do you qualify for any grants? Find out here...

What renewable energy incentives are around in Australia?OK, here are some Federal solar energy grants and incentives and State and Territory offerings. Solar Energy Grants make a lot of sense in sunny Australia There are direct grants, subsidies, carbon credits and rebates as mechanisms to stimulate renewable energy use – and save energy too.

Eligible recipients can be business, schools, individual residents.

Grant for electricity grid connected homes (Solar Homes and Communities Plan)

How much?

An $8000 rebate for a 1kW system, with no further rebates over this size.

Who to?

Installed at principal place of residence, free-standing home or apartment.

Means tested. Restricted to those having less than a #100,000 taxable income.

After 1 July 2009, replaced by a $7,500 rebate Solar Credits Program

Solar Credits Program

The Solar Credits Program replaces the Solar Homes and Communities Plan on 1st July 2009. A solar power system, or wind turbine, or micro hydroenergy plant attracts $7,500 for the first 1.5 KW For more information on both schemes go here or ask any renewable energy supplier directly.

Solar Hot Water rebates

National solar hot water rebates of $1000 for installing solar- and heat pump hot water systems are on offer up to 31st of March 2012. Some State and Territory governments offer their own, additional rebates for this purpose. Check with your Energy department or renewable equipment supplier.

Solar Energy grants? How About A Loan?

From mid-2009 the Australian Government offers provides low interest loans of up to $10,000 for purpose of installing solar PV and hot water systems. This is the Australian Green Loans Program. And... your eligibility for other rebates may not be affected by obtaining this loan! For more information on this Green Loans program go here


Schools are eligible for a renewable energy government grant of up to $50,000 for installing a grid connect solar power system.More information here.

For schools located over 1km from the mains electricity grid, a rebate of 50% of installation cost is offered through the RRPGP rebate scheme.

Grants For Business

There currently no direct, specific rebates and incentives for green businesses start-up cost or development. However suppliers of renewable energy equipment may accept your business's Renewable Energy Certificate. Such RECs, otherwise known as Renewable Energy Certificates, are available to you when purchasing solar hot water, solar or wind energy systems or solar panels,thus lowering the purchase cost of renewable energy equipment.

Feed-in tariffs, paid by grid energy suppliers at above-market rates, further reduce your power bill. Check with your State or Territory energy department for current state of play.

Rural Business And The Renewable Remote Power Generation Program ( RRPGP)

A 50% rebate on off grid solar power systems is on offer to businesses that are 1 kilometre from the nearest main-grid line or can provide evidence that their total cost to connect to the mains grid would top $30,000. More information on RRPGP rebates here

Who to? The RRPGP is available to elligible households, businesses, churches, community buildings and schools.

Solar Energy Grants For Researchers

The Australian Solar Institute has been set up to assist research into solar technology. It has $100 million to this end. For details go here

Western Australia

Find many energy saving grants at the WA government's Office of Energy


Sustainability Victoria has a comprehensive state government incentive list.

New South Wales

Find some residential rebates and links to other grants here

Residential rebates

Rainwater tank rebate - up to $1500 for rainwater tanks connected to toilets and washing machines

Hot water system rebate - up to $1200 to switch from electric to solar, heat pump or gas hot water systems

Ceiling insulation rebate - half the cost of installing ceiling insulation in your home, to a maximum of $300.

Washing machine rebate - $150 for buying a 4.5 star or higher WELS rated washing machine

The Residential Rebate Program also supports:

Fridge Buyback - $35 to have a second fridge removed from your home.

South Australia

Find SA renewable energy grants and incentives here


Queensland Sustainable Energy Innovation Fund

To assist Queensland based organisations to develop innovative technologies that reduce consumption of fossil fuels, water or greenhouse gas emissions.

Find other Queensland solar energy grants and incentives here


With the Greens having such a strong voice in the Apple State you'd expect many solar energy grants and other incentives. You're not wrong...

Here they are.

Northern Territory

For school solar grants go here

Where are the other Territory's solar grant initiatives? Beats me!

For a Living Database on solar energy grants go here. Stay tuned for more information on green investing here

More on renewable energy grants here

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