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Solar Energy Grants for Local Gov't.?

by Daniel Brallier
(Harrisburg, PA)

Are there any grants available for local governments to replace AC or DC power sources for use with sanitary sewer systems? Replacing either AC or DC(battery) sources would be beneficial to the environment.

Sewer flow monitoring meters and tele-metering systems use a huge number of mostly non-recycled batteries that are generally thrown in the trash.

We use over 700 per year! Some other longer lasting batteries are made with such caustic materials that they must be shipped by special methods with shipping surcharges and are incredibly expensive.

We have developed, in conjunction with a meter manufacturer, a solar system which uses a single 12 Volt deep-cycle marine battery to power both the metering device and the transmitting device which sends the data to our office, thus saving even more energy by eliminating the need to visit the sites to download data.

All this is good for the environment and saves money over a period of time, but the up front costs are high. Any government grants would make these systems much more affordable and would allow implementation of more solar powered systems much sooner, thus a more timely environmental impact.

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