Your DIY Solar Pool Heater To Keep You Comfortable When Others Are Freezing

Imagine! Your own solar pool heater to have you enjoy your swimming pool, or outdoor spa, all year round! Or most of the year at least, depending on where you live. For under US$100!

With spring or autumn approaching you want to extend the use of your pool.

Your kids will love the extended fun. Ready for your solar pool life?

You need a solar pool heater to ensure your home swimming pool remains your great family playground all year round. Building one yourself is easier and (much) cheaper than you think.

Click here to see how you can build yours today.

Even in warmer climates there are times of the year where cool nights lower the water temperature below comfort levels.

Extend your pool or spa use into evenings and colder months

Here in Perth, Western Australia, in the "winter months", many outdoor pools just sit there - unused. It still gets up to 25C in the day but night temperatures of 5C-8C cool the water down too much to enjoy it.

DIY solar pool heater under US$100 Your children will enjoy the pool for longer

But with your DIY solar pool heater you can still enjoy your dip in beautiful warm water, or a relaxing time in your steaming outdoor spa as long as skies are clear enough to get some sun.

Aaahhh, you feel like a winner in your solar heater swimming pool. Especially as anyone can assemble this solar pool heater at minor cost.


What is a solar pool heater?

Four ways to heat your pool

  • Electric heater
  • gas, usually a propane heater
  • using a pool cover
  • solar heater

Your pool or spa water is pumped through a system that receives heat from one of these sources, and so warms it.

There are five problems with the electric and gas pool heater systems:

  • Electricity is mostly derived from fossil fuel-burning power plants, thus contributing to global warming
  • Fossil fuels are a dwindling resource
  • They are rising in cost
  • Propane gas is among the cleaner fossil fuels but still is one
  • These systems can cost up to US$2000

So, if you want to minimise your carbon footprint and save money, a solar heater is the way to go.

And the pool cover? Well, it's an excellent example of passive solar energy design. Use it with a solar heater and you're laughing, at a fraction of the usual purchase and running cost.

Build it yourself – easily and cheaply

You wonder whether building one is way too technical for you?


And where can you buy a guide to build one yourself - easily and cheaply?

Build A Pool Heater With This Best-Selling, No-Nonsense Guide

This $10 best-selling and straight-forward solar pool heater building guide has already sold over 12,000 copies to satisfied, and warm, pool and spa owners.

And almost anyone can build it – at under US$100.

Picture yourself in your warm pool when everyone else is 'frozen' out of theirs!

This is what you will get when you purchase this solar pool heater building guide:

Solar pool heating. Simply wonderful

  • 14 pages of clear, step-by-step, comprehensive instructions to build your own working solar pool heater
  • Diagrams and images included
  • No machining, welding or precision work to build the panel is required
  • No need for special tools
  • All materials are freely available from garden- and hardware shops
  • Your pool heater panels can be vertically mounted on a fence or horizontally on a roof
  • Should space around your pool or spa be at a premium then each panel can be made in segments to fit.
  • You save energy compared to using gas or electric pool heaters
  • Some troubleshooting suggestions included
  • Extended pool use - into winter months and into your evenings
  • Author states that this project is easy to build and has been carefully scrutinised for quality and safety.

Ready to build it and see your family enjoy your swimming pool or outdoor spa to the max? This pool heater guide is a great investment. Click here to download it now

You will receive a bonus Understanding Electricity and Basic Electronics ebook with your order even though you do not strictly need this for this project.

I'd love to see your pictures and hear your stories on your completed pool heater.

A standard sized panel, i.e. 3.4m (11’ 4”) long by 1.4m (4’ 8”) wide, can be built for under $US 100 as per November, 2007. However costs may vary slightly depending on your location and suppliers. No claim is made that the advertised below US$100 will hold true in all situations.

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