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Solar Power Electricity, Farming Solar Power

by Christian Kelch
(Delray Beach, Florida, United States Of America)

Solar Panel Electricity Project

Solar Panel Electricity Project

I have a substantial amount of land that's zoned for agriculture and I wanted to farm solar panels to create electricity to subsidize electricity for large communities.

I was told that the Government would offer aid to me in the creation and development of this project. In addition, I have a background in television and was planning on filming the entire process and highlighting all of the companies that would be involved in the process.

The program would then be submitted to air on a network that supports sustainability.Income would be derived from the residual income that resulted from the electricity created and also from sponsorships from the television series.

The television platform would enable us to reach a lot of people with a practical solution to addressing the future as it relates to sustainability.

We would raise the awareness of Solar Power and electricity and encourage our viewers to get more involved in making a difference in our environment.

The team that I've created to handle the Solar Farming accompanied with our marketing team's strategies are second to none and make us a significant player in this up and coming and worthwhile market trend.

This will prove to be more than a trend, this will be the future of where we derive our electricity accompanied with wind power. We can also explain endless possibilities as it relates to Wind Farming as well.

Christian Kelch

Great initiative!

Please keep reporting on your progress here!

You Are Secure!

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