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Mar 31, 2008
by: Anonymous

very good

Feb 21, 2008
Thorium ?
by: Steven Carew

I find that we have to be very careful in our terms in defining energy. We use terms such as "renewable energy", "sustainable energy", "clean energy", "green energy", and all of these terms have different meanings. This article is well presented, and definitely well thought out. The idea, if it can work in fact as well as it does in theory is a large step in the right direction. However, any way of producing power that pollutes in any way is not green or clean. Any person that claims that storage of radio-active material in any way is safe needs to do a little more research. Present day nuclear plants are not safe in any way, shape or form. Where I live it would be so easy to sabatoge a nuclear plant. As far as price for this type of power production it does not even come close to seven ten thousandth of a Canadian cent per kilowatt, which is the cost of electricity from xxxxxx to be started this year. I understand your point of view, but I also understand that their is a better way.
Steve Carew

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