Toxic Trespass - Care About Your Children? See This Green Movie

Toxic Trespass, another green movie on the Great Green Movie Guide

Toxic Trespass is a Canadian documentary about the impact of our polluting lifestyles and products.

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The director is Barri Cohen. In this compelling, 80 minute green movie, it is his daughter, Ada, who says "I am polluted."

Together they collected growing evidence that collectively we are conducting a large-scale toxicological experiment on our children. A scale never seen before.

But many polluters, researchers, bureaucrats and politicians see no links between ill-health of our children and environmental pollution.

In their movie, Barri and Ada present these deniers with the evidence that they are wrong. The movie draws disturbing links between industrial chemicals, environmental degradation and childhood illness.

It asks why governments do so shockingly little about the pollution of our children.

If you were not aware or concerned about this issue, you will be after watching this documentary. It presents you with the evidence and the heart for you to take action at your local level, or wherever you think appropriate.

In Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, it was the birds and insects. Now it's our children. If you have children, you will not forget this documentary.

Toxic Trespass won the Canadian Writers Guild's WGC award in 2008.

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