Vegetarian Nutrition - A Way To Save Energy In A Warming World

Vegetarian nutrition is a way to eat yourself towards a sustainable world.

A tasty vegetarian diet allows you to make this a pleasurable contribution towards reducing global warming. Enjoy!

How to become a vegetarian? Learn some reasons why you would want to!

Much energy goes into feeding livestock for us to then eat them.

Eating meat may pass your taste test but does certainly not pass the waste test - in more ways than one! There are many reasons for using vegetarian nutrition. It's easy. And healthier.

You're not alone! Look at which famous people are vegetarians...

You might loose some weight too! But for now just consider these few hard facts...

  1. It takes a lot more energy to produce meat than to produce plant crops.

  2. Producing meat takes a lot more water than producing plant crops.

  3. It takes many more units of plant crops to produce one unit of meat.

  4. Grazing cattle is a big contributor to loss of topsoil.

  5. Tropical rainforest is cut down for meat production.

  6. A balanced vegetarian diet is healthier.

  7. A vegetarian diet costs less money.

  8. It can be delicious.

Producing 1 calorie of beef protein requires 78 calories of fossil fuel, 1 calorie of pork takes 35 calories of fossil fuel and 22 calories for 1 calorie of poultry. By contrast it takes only one calorie of fossil fuel to produce one calorie of soy beans. Vegetarian nutrition - saving on water and soil. Producing animal protein takes up to 15 times more water compared to producing plant protein. And water will be a scarce resource with climate change.

You need about 16 pounds of soybeans and grains to produce 1 pound of beef. Meat production then does not make good sense if trying to save energy.

Much precious topsoil has been lost from grazing livestock. Using good agricultural practices, this is not the case when growing plant crops. More artificial –fossil fuel derived – fertilisers are needed on eroded soils.

Tropical rain forest, such as the Amazon, are reduced daily to make room for meat-producing livestock. And forest mitigate global warming.

Clearly this is an unsustainable state of affairs, considering a growing human population and shrinking areas of arable land due to urbanisation, salinity and so on.

Climate change

And just consider these figures on the impact of global livestock on climate change:

  • Global livestock is responsible for 18% of CO2 emissions.
  • They account for an incredible 37% of methane emissions, a greenhouse gas that is twenty times more potent than CO2.
  • And their manure (mostly) accounts for an even more amazing 65% of nitrous oxide.

There are also many personal health reasons for eating vegetarian, including losing weight.

And healthier people save on many resources.

A vegetarian diet costs less money than a meat diet.

So, what does it mean to eat vegetarian?

Vegetarian nutrition does not include meat, fish and poultry. In addition, Vegans do not eat or use any animal products, such as eggs, cheese, wool and leather.

Sounds too difficult? Too much like rabbit food dinners?

Vegetarian nutrition can actually be very tasty and rewarding.

As a vegetarian, if you are going to the Amazon, you'll need to learn some Spanish vegetable names. Go here to learn more. Watch this video:

Top Five Ebooks On Vegetarian Nutrition

I've been a healthy vegetarian for some 30 years. The following five ebooks are great resources for many, many tasty and healthy vegetarian meals. Download any one now and get cookin'!

  • Jennifer’s Vegetarian Cooking Made Easyis a wonderfully delicious resource, including many extras such as vegetarian desserts, soups and so on. It's THE book to get to make a fresh start.
  • Jim Yang's 400 page Quick and Easy Chinese Vegetarian Cooking is a dream for lovers of authentic Chinese vegetarian meals. You think you cannot cook Chinese? Just for you he throws in his free bonus ebook How to Cook Like a Chef In Just One Day.
  • After a main meal you want sweets. Rebecca Bennett's Wicked Vegetarian Cookbook gives you many vegetarian AND vegan recipes for delicious prize-winning cakes and sweets.
  • Even though vegetarian nutrition is naturally a weight-minimising diet, you may feel that you want to make an extra weight-loss effort with The Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet Pssst... there's lots of free information on the landing page for this publication!
  • And for those who want to take on more than just vegetarian eating, Dada Vedaprajinananda's book is worth getting. It is primarily about weight loss through yoga and worth it, even if just for one of the five bonus ebooks that come with this purchase: Vegetarian Recipes for Health and Happiness

I’ve been a vegetarian for decades and I certainly am very much alive and well!

Though I do not recommend you do it this way, I virtually gave up on eating meat and fish overnight – even though I enjoyed eating meat – and haven’t looked back. Even though my children will never get tired of pointing out that I'm not a real vegetarian because I ate some fish once many years ago!

Meat - Vegetarian nutrition is much cheaper, in energy-use,  money, soil and health. Why not try it?

In any case a gradual approach to turning vegetarian may be wiser. You never know what going "cold turkey" or "cold cow" – as the case may be - will do to you now, do you?

Here are "three easy steps" to do it.

Vegetarian nutrition – is it easy to find?

Oh yes. Just buy vegetables, fruit, nuts and any range of processed soy products anywhere - maybe just around the corner.

Or... If you want to cook with something special and exotic, consider buying a bottle of high-quality Karkari olive oil, straight from "clean and green" New Zealand, just from down under "Down Under." Generally, finding ingredients for a vegetarian diet is easy.

Putting them together to give yourself and others a taste sensation is the next step.

You’ll need a good vegetarian cook book for that. There are many of them.

You can see then that becoming a vegetarian is a way to make a real contribution to a sustainable world? Vegetarian nutrition makes a lot of sense!

Yes, I thought so.

OK, now you deserve to veg out, grab that celery stick and chew it while watching a Great Green Movie. Select yours here ...

Or, besides vegetarian nutrition, you may want to know more about ways to save energy? Then go here.

See you there.

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