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What Provisions In 2009 Obama Stimulus Package Allow Direct US Grants?

by Gary Parks
(Phoenix, AZ USA)

News organizations are all trumpeting the fact that renewable energy developers will be able to seek grants directly from the U.S. Government under the newly passed 2009 stimulus package.

Wonderful - but essentially useless. There are no details. Who does one apply to? Who qualifies? What kind of projects are funded?

Oh, sure, the big companies all know. They employ thousands of lobbyists who probably wrote the provisions of the bill. No doubt these big piggies will be at the trough elbowing the little guys out.

How does a small business in renewable energy get into the program? Details, guys, details. Nothing else matters.


Excellent post! See the UPDATE below:
Check Recovery.gov and Grants.gov for ongoing initiatives funded through the American Recovery and Investment Act. The National Groundwater Association does a good wrap-up here text you want clickable here here for ongoing Stimulus opportunities in renewable energy including geothermal energy grants.

Stay tuned...

Any government departments want to chime in here?

Here's some of that detail on the Obama stimulus package and renewable energy. We'll update as things progress.

OK, while we try to find out what direct renewable energy grants will be on offer in the Obama stimulus package, consider these broad directions in figuring out, for now, where the direct US renewable energy grants will be available. It is clear that this kind of detail is not yet in place. Watch the DSIRE database (link on main page for solar energy grants).

A round US$50 billion focused mainly on efficiency and renewable energy, including US$5 billion to weatherize modest-income homes;

US$11 billion toward a so-called "smart electricity grid" to maximise the grid's efficiency. It will do so through hi-tech digital technology. A 5% efficiency increase would be equivalent to taking 53 million cars off the road as far as greenhouse gas emissions go. (It may make grid energy supply more vulnerable though through highly complex systems connecting millions of users.)

US$6 billion $6 billion to subsidize loans for renewable energy projects. Wind, solar and geothermal projects are at the front line here.

Again, watch your State DSIRE grant listings for $6.3 billion in state energy efficiency and clean energy grants.

Are you in car battery R&D? Look out for a slice of the US$2 billion in grants for advanced batteries for electric vehicles.

Of course there is more, in green job stimulation and plug-in hybrid vehicle production but they will generally not be of interest to you and I who want to know where to apply to reduce energy bills through renewable alternatives or how to conserve energy. These things will become clearer over the next weeks and months.


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