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Wind Energy Grant

by Rich Toyser
(Phoenix, AZ, USA)

I am in the process of applying for a grant with the DOE under the 20% by 2030 proposal. What do you suggest I need to know for key success factors so I will be approved?

Rich Toyser
(Tel number and email removed for privacy considerations)


Thanks for that inquiry. Very timely.

To let everyone know what scheme we are talking about here, a brief intro first...

The USA needs to rethink its energy mix and develop alternative, renewable energy sources. The drivers are rising (foreign) energy prices, supply uncertainties, and environmental concerns, in particular climate change. The nation urgently needs increased, cost-effective energy from 'clean' domestic sources. That's what the DOE's report "20% Wind Energy By 2030" (2008) is about.

It discusses the road towards installing wind power installations with capacities of more than 300 gigawatts (GW), from a base of 11.6 GW in 2006. Currently industry sources estimate that the nation has more than 8,000 GW of available land-based wind resources that can be captured economically.

A grant scheme based on this report offers up to $500,000 to wind industry initiatives towards this end. Obviously emphases will be on wind energy efficiency of turbines and (therefore) cost-effective energy generation. Demonstrated business management capacity will also be important.

In order to apply for this wind energy grant you must complete the registration process. Registration can take between three-five business days or as long as two weeks.

Then get your application package with all the information on building a successful application. Make sure you meet ALL stated criteria. Check and double-check.

So, how to maximise your chances when applying for grants?

Here are some general key success factors for renewable energy grant applications

Access to finance, technical/financial expertise
Ability to attract investment
Demonstrated (local) demand
Local community acceptance ( sensitive siting)
A clear commercial focus)

For a true wind expert-view of maximising your chances of grant success I recommend you contact the American Wind Energy Association or work with a renewable grant writing consultant or find further renewable energy consultants here

Hope this helps.

wishing you every success. Let us know how you go. Help others and be helped. It's called renewable energy!

Anyone else who can add to this information?


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