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Wind -Solar hybrid system first in Kenya-East Africa

by Doti Halake

Wind Turbine (solareworldea.com)

Wind Turbine (solareworldea.com)

Kenya Green Energy Foundation is a registered organization in Kenya. Our aim and values are to help people and businesses throughout the country to reduce their carbon emissions through the use of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy sources to help combat climate change.

We are desperately seeking grants in Cash or in Kind (Solar Panels 120W -300Pieces and Wind Turbines 150KW-300pieces with all its accessories )

How can your organization help us launch the first of its Kind project in Kenya. renewable energy technology is new and no production takes place in Kenya. Shipment duty and taxes are astronomical and beyond the reach of the population here.

Our email is centerforhumandevelopment@yahoo.co.uk

Thanking you in advance for your support

Very truly yours,

Doti Halake

Chief Executive Officer


AlternateEnergySources.com has searched for but not found an organization called "Kenya Green Energy Foundation." But someone may want to contact Mr Halake and discuss?

Renewable energy in Africa is definitely blossoming with some 14,000 renewable energy businesses in Kenya alone.

Kenya is the only African country that already derives 10% of its energy needs from geothermal energy.

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